Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Spirit Lake

these should say a little more about what our summer was like. the lodge sits next to this quiet meadow.

apparently it was a very dry summer in the uintas. but when it rained, it poured, and thunder shook the building.  
 maggie discovered the world of fishing. with a pole, without a pole, any way she could.
 sometimes we got so busy in the lodge i'd loose track of maggie only to find her eating and chatting with people in the restaurant.
on this day she needed a pouch for her kangaroo.  
maggies job in the restaurant was to deliver chips to customers. she took her responsibilities very seriously, and would walk up to people with her basket and say, "which you like? you want red chips? ooooh lellow chips are yummy. i choose fritos!" 
 one rainy day these two came into the lodge and taught us the argentine tango.
there were so many people i wanted to take portraits of. this is karlee.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

a bigger family then last month

this is baby nora. she joined our family this month, which warranted new family photos. ari of anchored image took them. she's moving her studio to downtown salt lake, so anyone in that direction should look her up!

nora is a very different personality then newborn maggie was. calmer, slower, more concentrated, not bald, more snugly, she squawks instead of screams. we love her.